Master Librarian—Annual Membership (Alternate Signup Method)


Welcome to The Black Cat!

This membership option is only for people who have had difficulty getting PayWhirl to sign them up. This option will give you an annual membership, but it's not instant (PayWhirl is instant) and it doesn't come with the convenient renewal features that PayWhirl offers. Please only use it if PayWhirl doesn't work for you!

NOTE: please allow up to 24 hours for us to manually turn on your membership. (Sorry—we have to do it by hand.) 





Terms and conditions: Please print this page for your records. Wildside Press LLC is the vendor of this service. Your purchase of a Master Librarian membership will also sign you up for the weekly Black Cat Mystery Community newsletter, which will list all new releases and provide links for you to access them. All ebooks are provided courtesy of Wildside Press and may be changed, withdrawn, substituted, folded, bent, or mutilated. But probably won't be. Terms, conditions, and prices are subject to change at any time by Wildside Press LLC. Mistakes in pricing or access may be honored or corrected solely at Wildside Press's discretion. You may cancel your Annual Master Librarian membership at any time, but after 7 days no refunds will be offered.


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