101 Things To Do Before You're Downloaded, by Scott Edelman (epub/Kindle)

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This week, we are launching a new line at the Black Cat—Paul Di Filippo Presents! Paul should be no stranger to most science fiction readers; in addition to his many novels and stories, he is the book reviewer for Asimov's Science Fiction. We lured  him to the dark side (editing!) with promises to let him pick any story he wanted for Black Cat readers, and to launch things off, he's picked a real winner from Scott Edelman:


The viral impulses and encounters among posthumans at the end of history reveals that the aspirations and longings of the human heart are eternal--and eternally bewildering...

The first Paul Di Filippo Presents ebook is free for all members of the Black Cat Mystery and Science Fiction Ebook Club—but it will only be here for 2 weeks. Get your copy now!

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