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We are sure you will agree that, for mystery readers who love ebooks, The Black Cat is the greatest value ever!

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EBOOK FORMATS: Ebooks are available for download in epub, Kindle, and .pdf format with no DRM restrictions. Download links come in your confirmation email. Please read your new ebooks on any and all devices. (But please read responsibly. Don't share them with online friends and do not torrent them. They are copyrighted material—it's how we make our living. This isn't a big publishing conglomerate; piracy directly hurts us. )

NEW RELEASES: New releases are posted for download every Tuesday.

NEWSLETTER: Our weekly newsletter will tell you what the new releases are available. Stop by at your convenience to get them! 

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Terms and conditions: Wildside Press LLC is the vendor of this service. Your purchase of this membership will also sign you up for the weekly Black Cat Community newsletter, which will list all new releases and provide links for you to access them. All ebooks are provided courtesy of Wildside Press and may be changed, withdrawn, substituted, folded, bent, or mutilated. But probably won't be. Terms, conditions, and prices are subject to change at any time by Wildside Press LLC. Mistakes in pricing or access may be honored or corrected at Wildside Press's sole discretion. Your purchase may be cancelled at any time, but after 3 days no refunds will be offered.

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