Cancellation Policy

Of course, we hope you will be 100% happy with your subscription and stay with us for years to come. However, we do understand that some people will want or need to cancel their membership. We are happy to do so and will provide a refund for any unused amount of your monthly or annual membership fee.

We calculate refunds based on amount paid vs. list price of ebooks downloaded.  For example, if you paid $15.00 and downloaded ten 99-cent ebooks ($9.99), your refund will be $5.01.  If you paid $19.99 and downloaded three $2.99 ebooks ($8.97), your refund will be $11.02.

If the total list price of your downloads is greater in price than your membership fee, no refund will be issued.

We regret that we are unable to issue refunds for single ebook purchases. Since there is not DRM, we cannot manage whether books are read and kept or deleted unread.