A Doctor Enjoys Sherlock Holmes, by Edward J. Van Liere (epub/Kindle/pdf)

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19 essays on Sherlock Holmes and most especially Doctor Watson, written with a doctor's appreciation. Included are:

  • Doctor Watson and the Weather
  • The Anatomical Sherlock Holmes
  • “Brain Fever” and Sherlock Holmes
  • Curare and Sherlock Holmes
  • Sherlock Holmes and the Portuguese Man-of-War
  • Doctor Watson and Nervous Maladies
  • Dogs and Sherlock Holmes
  • The Botanical Doctor Watson
  • The Surgical Doctor Watson
  • Sherlock Holmes, the Chemist
  • Doctor Watson’s Universal Specific
  • Doctor Watson, Endocrinologist
  • Genetics and Sherlock Holmes
  • The Zoological Doctor Watson
  • Doctor Watson, Cardiologist
  • The Physiologic Doctor Watson
  • Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, Perennial Athletes
  • The Therapeutic Doctor Watson
  • Doctor Watson, General Practitioner