Black Cat Mystery Magazine #10 (epub/Kindle)

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The 10th issue of Black Cat Mystery Magazine features another great lineup of original crime and mystery fiction, plus one classic reprint. Here are:


  • THE LAST GASP, by H.K. Slade
  • SPOOK, by Emilio DeGrazia
  • OUT OF A FOG, by Barb Goffman
  • EL PESCADOR ZURDO, by Tom Larsen
  • A BLUE UMBRELLA SKY, by R.S. Morgan
  • DEATH WILL GIVE YOU A REASON, by Elizabeth Zelvin
  • THE MANNEQUIN GRAVEYARD, by Gregory L. Norris
  • SAVING THE INDIANA DAE, by Vicki Weisfeld
  • THE CONTROL TOWER, by Janice Law
  • SLOW DOWN, by Steve Liskow
  • BURNIN BUTT, TEXAS, by Mark Troy


  • AFFAIR OF LAMSON’S COOK, by Charles Felton