Black Cat Weekly #17

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Welcome to Black Cat Weekly #17—another fun issue, with great mystery and science fiction short stories, classic novels, and more! The lineup this time:

Mysteries / Suspense:

  • “Smart Cookie,” by Hal Charles [Solve-It-Yourself Mystery]
  • “Shanks Gets Mugged,” by Robert Lopresti [short story]
  • “Thubway Tham Reforms,” by Johnston McCulley [short story]
  • “The Man in the Dick Tracy Hat” by Elizabeth Zelvin [Barb Goffman Presents short story]
  • The Seal of Gijon, by Nicholas Carter [novel]

Science Fiction & Fantasy:

  • “The Hour of Their Need,” by Amy Wolf [Cynthia Ward Presents short story]
  • “Dragonet,” by Esther Friesner [Darrell Schweitzer Presents short story]
  • “Vengeance in Her Bones,” by Malcolm Jameson [short story]
  • “Taste Taste,” by Larry Tritten [short story]
  • Secret of the Martians, by Paul W. Fairman [novel]