Black Cat Weekly #40

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Once again we have an eclectic mix of stories new and old. Leading off the pack is an original tale by Andrew Welsh-Huggins, “Digging In,” as a couple goes to great lengths to save their marriage. It was acquired for BCW by editor Michael Bracken. Barb Goffman found a real crime-story treat by John Lantigua. And we have a novel by Stephen Marlowe, a solve-it-yourself short by Hal Charles, and a classic historical story (yes, another Western—but it’s also a mystery) by W.C. Tuttle.

On the science fiction and fantasy end of things, there are two “brain” stories—John W. Campbell’s planet-hopping space opera, “The Brain Pirates” and Malcolm Jameson’s “Brains for Bricks.” Nelson Bond’s Lancelot Biggs space-opera hero returns to save the day in “Where Are You, Mr. Biggs?” And one of the kings of space opera, Edmond Hamilton, is back with a change-of-pace fantasy from Weird Tales. Dorothy C. Quick, another WT alum, also contributes a fantasy. Great classic reading.

Here’s the lineup:

Mysteries / Suspense / Adventure:
“Digging In,” by Andrew Welsh-Huggins [Michael Bracken Presents short story] “A Surprising Treat,” by Hal Charles [solve-it-yourself mystery]
“The Avenging Angel,” by John Lantigua [Barb Goffman Presents short story]
“The Wisdom of the Ouija,” by W.C. Tuttle [short story]
Model for Murder, by Stephen Marlowe” [novel]

Science Fiction & Fantasy:
“Brains for Bricks,” by Malcolm Jameson [short story] “The Lost Gods,” by Dorothy C. Quick [short story]
“The Brain Pirates,” by John W. Campbell, Jr. [novella]
“Dreamer’s Worlds,” by Edmond Hamilton [short story]
“Where Are You, Mr. Biggs?” by Nelson S. Bond [short story]