Black Cat Weekly - Premiere Issue!

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The Black Cat web site has been around for almost four years now, serving up a weekly buffet of new and classic mysteries—and more recently science fiction—to thousands of readers each week. Rather than continue to release all these novels and stories as individual ebooks, we have decided to bundle them up into a convenient weekly e-magazine…which is a lot more fun to work on (and we hope read)!

So here is Black Cat Weekly #1, the September 5, 2021 issue, for your enjoyment pleasure.

To make the first issue memoriable, we are including a lot more content than usual—double the usual word count, in fact. This time we have no less than three complete novels and 7 short stories—and even a “true crime” feature by Erle Stanley Gardner, creator of Perry Mason! There’s something here for everyone to enjoy, whether you’re a fan of traditional mysteries, psychic detectives (in the case of Frank Lovell Nelson’s story, a telepathic detective, the first of 12 stories featuring Carlton Clarke from 1908, all of which will run in the Black Cat’s pages). Looking for modern detection? We have that, too. And if your taste runs to the fantastic, we also have adventures across parallel worlds and well into the future. (And monsters. Did I mention monsters?)

Included are:

  • REMISSION, by Michael Bracken [Barb Goffman Presents - mystery short story]
  • A KEY FOR REBECCA, by Hal Charles [Solve it yourself mystery!]
  • AUROVIA’S FAMOUS LODGE CASE, by Frank Lowell Nelson [Serial story - first of 12]
  • THE CASE OF THE KNOCKOUT BULLET, by Erle Stanley Gardner [True crime]
  • HAND IN GLOVE, by James Holding [mystery short story]
  • THE SKULL OF THE WALZING CLOWN, by Harry Stephen Keeler [mystery novel]
  • HAVER, by Brian Evenson [Paul Di Filippo Presents - sci-fi short story]
  • A ZLOOR FOR YOUR TROUBLE, by Mack Reynolds [sci-fi short story]
  • VALLISNERIA MADNESS, by Ralph Milne Farley [sci-fi short story]
  • LAST CALL FOR DOOMSDAY! by S. M. Tenneshaw [sci-fi novel]
  • WORLDS OF THE IMPERIUM, by Keith Laumer [sci-fi novel]