Diary of a D.A., by Martin M. Frank (epub/Kindle/pdf)

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"Contains the most fascinating true crime story I have ever read." --Earl Stanley Gardner

Crime, criminals, and their prosecution and punishment, have, from the day Cain slew Abel and the Supreme Law Enforcer dealt with the first fratricide, provoked the interest, aroused the passions, and puzzled the minds of men. Because tales of dark deeds are quick to catch attention and stark sensationalism is easily marketable, accuracy, which is always essential, no longer seems required. So much that we read, hear, and view is blatantly false and misleading, not only as fiction but as alleged truth, that almost universally there is an unwholesome, blurred, and distorted conception of the whole subject of law enforcement. That picture will perhaps never be clarified, unless the public becomes more knowingly critical, and irresponsible merchants of what is banal and lurid grow more scrupulously dependable.