Duenna to a Murder, by Rufus King (epub/Kindle/pdf)

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Melissa Tyler, who has just inherited incredible wealth, comes to the Harden Detective Agency claiming she needs protection from crank letters and any possible trouble involving her family. This is a vast understatement as Margot, the poised young woman from Harden's, learns when she returns with Melissa to South Carolina.

In a languorous town dominated by conservative old families, Mrs. Tyler's husband is unique. A former carnival knife-thrower covered with tattoos, he presents a fantastic social problem. To make things more desperate, his daughter -- on the verge of a concert debut --jilts one of the town's favorite sons...and shows marked interest in a handsome, somewhat sinister newcomer.

The situation becomes literally deadly when the body of a murdered man is found in the driveway of the Tyler home -- and what has been mere scandal turns into horror!