Murder in Maryland, by Zenith Brown (writing as Leslie Ford) (epub/Kindle/pdf)

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"Leslie Ford is one of the cleverest and most original of our mystery novelists." -- New York Times

Miss Nettie Wyndham was rich and malevolent and aged. She was the last of a long line of Maryland aristocrats, and from her gloomy mansion she extended her wicked influence over the town and the surrounding countryside...and particularly over the children of her dead sister. She had only two loves: her nephew, Richard, and her fat, rheumy dog.

The day Miss Nettie went for lunch at the Pennimans', all her nieces and nephews were present. She behaved atrociously; Alice Penniman had a heart attack; lunch was never served. That night both Miss Nettie and her dog died from an overdose of digitalin, administered by an unknown hand.

In this story you will meet a woman physician in a small town, whose knowledge of human nature makes her of material help to Lt. Kelly of the Baltimore police. Kelly was called in to unravel a case which included not only the murder of Miss Nettie, but the mysterious disappearance of her jewels and her will.

"Leslie a real mystery find. You'll do yourself a favor by sampling her brand of suspense, charactization, and surprise. First aid to connoisseurs who cannot bear the goofiness of the usual murder yarn...highly recommended." -- New York Herald Tribune.

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