Peggy Wayne—Sky Girl, by Betty Baxter Anderson (epub/Kindle/pdf)

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Peggy Wayne, a graduate nurse, applies for a position as airline hostess with Skylines, Inc. After passing the rigid tests and training period, she begins a thrilling new life in the air. Determined and ambitious, Peggy secretly learns to fly a plane herself.

Her knowledge of instruments and skills are tested when a hijacking attempt is made on the new Skylines Stratoliner while on a test run to New York. Trapped in the substratosphere, Peggy employs desperate measures to try to outwit the gangsters. Her own life, the survival of the crew, and the reputation of Skylines -- not to mention an important U.S. aviation secret -- are all at stake!

Betty Baxter Anderson (1908-1966) was an American author of books for young women. Born in Cornell, Iowa, she earned a Master of Arts from the University of San Diego College for Women. Her books were unusual for the time because she put the lead female characters in traditionally male type roles.