Rememory, by John Gregory Betancourt (epub/Kindle/pdf)

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A science fiction mystery novel!


For catmen Hangman and Slash, prowling the burned-out urban Sprawl is the ideal life. These genetically modified people live to rip off hot cargoes from rival animen. It's a fine life of thief vs. vs. dog...

Fine, that is, until Slash scores a take that's a little too hot: the PED spy-eye, a top-secret sense-recorder implant that turns the human brain into a perfect playback machine. Any brain, living or dead...

And there are those who will stop at nothing to get this particular set of memories back!


By best-selling science fiction and mystery author John Gregory Betancourt (who also happens to be Wildside's publisher), this novel was originally published by Warner Books in 1990. Enjoy!