Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #7 (epub/Kindle/pdf)

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The sixth issue of Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine features another stellar lineup of Holmes-themed non-fiction and Holmes-inspired mystery fiction. Included are:
  • "The Rare Mexican Sherlock Holmes Series," by Gary Lovisi
  • "Remembering Edward D. Hoch and His Sherlock Holmes Stories," by Len Moffatt
  • "Screen of the Crime: Baker Street on a Budget," by Lenny Picker
  • "The Autumn of Terror: Sherlock Holmes Investigates Jack the Ripper," by M. J. Elliott.
  • "A Memo from Inspector Lestrade,"
  • "The Curse of Bridges Falls," by William E. Chambers
  • "Let Them Eat Cake," by Jean Paiva
  • "The Little Blue Dog," by Marc Bilgrey
  • "The Bank Job," by Steve Hagood
  • "Silent Victim" (novel excerpt), by C.E. Lawrence
  • "The Book of Tobit," by Carla Coupe.
  • "The Reigate Squires," by Arthur Conan Doyle.
  • "The Shadow Train," by Mike Allen.

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