The Devil's Bungalow, by Harold Lamb (epub/Kindle) (epub/Kindle)

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Malcolm Trent, of the firm of Hammerman, Lee and Rambaud ("Unfailing and unquestioning service" was their motto), was a hotshot 22-year-old who had worked his way up from bank runner to invaluable courier. So, logically, it fell to Malcolm Trent to undertake—to oblige a client—to carry a certain package from New York City to India, and from there to Kashmir, which is on top of India, and thence to a point in the Himalaya Mountains, over the border. It was a valuable package, and he was warned that there would probably be attempts to buy or steal it along the way. But Malcolm Trent was as pig-headed as he was full of fight—and if he had a package to deliver, it would be delivered or he would be dead...

This classic adventure tale by Harold Lamb has never been reprinted since its original appearance in 1924. Includes a biographical introduction..

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