The Faces of Danger: 6 Florida Mysteries Featuring Sheriff Stuff Driscoll , by Rufus King (epub/Kindle/pdf)

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From the pen of one of America's most talented mystery writers comes a half-dozen fast-paced tales of mayhem and murder on Florida's Gold Coast -- the fabulous neon strip that stretches from Fort Lauderdale to Miami.

Here, Stuff Driscoll operates out of the Sheriff's Office in Halcyon, a small fictitious resort town about twenty miles north of Miami Beach. He's one of the new breed of police officers -- well-read, sophisticated, with a wry, biting sense of humor for any situation. Tough and unconventional on duty or off, Driscoll is well known to both the upper and lower crusts of the glittering crowd that comes South in search of sun, sand, and sin.