The Irrepressible Peccadillo, by Fletcher Flora (epub/Kindle/pdf)

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The wayward beauty who comes back to her old hometown to titillate her ex-boyfriend (now a married lawyer) and to blackmail her ex-husband is ripe bait for murder. And murder is just what she gets. Suspicion falls heaviest on the old flame and not on the discarded husband -- for very obvious reasons. At the time of the lady's demise, the lawyer was out of his legal mind, befuddled by a number of those potent concoctions known around the cocktail table as gimlets. In the second place, he was squarely on the scene of the crime....

Fortunately, his wife believes him. When her husband is carted off to jail, whe sets out to prove him innocent.

"The Irrepressible Peccadillo" is written with all Fletcher Flora’s customary verve and sophistication. To the gripping story of a man on the spot, he adds plenty of wit, sex, and humor -- and comes up with a puzzle that will keep the reader guessing to the last page. This special bonus edition includes a classic short story by Fletcher Flora, "The Invisible Gauntlet."