The Juarez Knife (Manville Moon, Detective #1), by Richard Deming (epub/Kindle/pdf)

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When Lawrence Randall offers detective Manville "Manny" Moon a cool $1,500 for a couple days low-risk work, he should have known there would be a catch. And sure enough, there is -- enough that he should have charged double...

Moon doesn't put up with nonsense. And once he's on a case, he won't stop until he sees it through to the end. Never mind that he only has one leg (lost in the second World's 1948). He always gets his man. Or his woman.

"MANVILLE "MANNY" MOON is one of the great unknown series eyes that somehow slipped through the cracks. He's tough, honest and handy with the wisecracks, but he's a whole lot more. He's pulp, through and through, but he also displays a compassionate side that neatly echoes or anticipates Lew Archer, Dan Fortune et al." --