The Lady is Dead, by Patrick Laing (epub/Kindle/pdf)

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The blind psychologist Patrick Laing is once again obliged to put his academic theories to practical use when the university where he teaches is rocked by the repercussions of an old scandal and the reverberations of Murder.

Over twenty years before, Helena Stedman had been a beautiful and popular actress, and many of the men now on the university faculty, including the dignified Dean Prentiss, had been more than half in love with her. Then had come a fall from grace, her retirement and death.

All of this seemed to have little to do with the scientist Eric Fordyce's disapproval of his son’s theatrical ambitions; Fordyce's untimely demise in a fire in his laboratory apparently had a much closer connection with atomic bomb and other top Government secrets.

In fact, it took a blind man to see that art and science are sometimes not so far apart as they appear.