The Leslie Ernenwein Western MEGAPACK®, by Leslie Ernenwein (epub/Mobi/pdf)

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Leslie Ernenwein (1900-1961) was a prolific, Spur award-winning author of westerns, penning more than 25 novels and well over 130 short stories. He also worked as a feature writer for the Tucson Daily Citizen. Included in this volume are 4 of his classic novels:


t was called Apache Basin, this raw, rough lonely land where the bones of many violently dead men had bleached white beneath a scorching sun. Against Apache Basin Jim Modeen pitted himself -- pitted his renegade streak, his cavalry courage, his hard-won savvy of wilderness danger.... And pitted his gun!


en who slapped leather for a living and when they threw their irons into the border war it meant only one thing -- hell itself on the range!


Jeff Tennant had been in Yuma prison on a brand-blotting charge. Now he was back at Tonto flats, fitted out with a new gun belt and holster, ready to fight for revenge and his plundered homestead.against a quick-trigger gang of killers!


All his life, Steve Rennevant would remember that night in Cheyenne when he killed two men. The crowded saloon. The uproar at the poker table. A derringer blasting the player down. He had drawn and fired—fast.

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