The Man Who Changed His Skin: A Comedy of Race Relations, by Harry Stephen Keeler (epub/Kindle/pdf)

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It’s 1855, and with a war over slavery looming on the horizon, all bachelor Clark Shellcross wants to do is get married. But when his hopes are dashed he succumbs to temptation and takes a weird drug that claims it will change his life. And it does! He wakes up the next morning with black skin! It doesn’t take long for him to realize that 1855 is not a good time to have darkly hued skin, even in the northern city of Boston.

The story of his frantic odyssey in search of his former life could only have sprung from the anarchic imagination of Harry Stephen Keeler.

NOTE: This book is not politically correct by current standards. It contains language and ideas relevant to the age in which it is set (1855) and was written in the 1930s, a less progressive time. It is dated, but remains a fascinating artifact of its era. Although it deals with race, it is decided anti-racism (which may be why it remained unpublished until discovered among Harry Stephen Keeler’s papers).

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