The Riviera Puzzle: A Chief Inspector Damiot Mystery , by Vincent McConnor (epub/Kindle/pdf)

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The second in the classic series featuring Chief Inspector Damiot of the Paris police!


A sweet-scented breeze greets Chief Inspector Damiot's arrival on the sunny Cote d'Azur...and so does trouble. His secret mission is to assist the local prefecture in recovering a stolen Cezanne. His private plan is to sip his favorite whiskey and search for the perfect bouillabaisse. But more than a painting is missing: a promising young artist has disappeared and a gallery owner has been murdered. Damiot has no leads, no prints, no suspects -- only a cryptic clue left in the still-wet paint of an unfinished portrait. And when a taste for romance surpasses the Inspector's appetite for three-star cuisine, he discovers cherchez la femme is the special ingredient in this deliciously fast and exciting mystery set on the shores of the blue Mediterranean.