The Second Detective MEGAPACK® (Epub/Kindle/pdf)

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Welcome to our second volume of Detective stories! This is a grab-bag volume with contributions by many top mystery authors from the mid 20th Century pulp and digest magazines. There’s something to appeal to every taste, from noir to crime to even holiday capers and a Christmas tale by Johnson McCulley (creator of Zorro). Included are:

  • DEAD MEN DON'T MOVE, by Thomas Thursday
  • ALIBI--WITH SOUND, by Robert Wallace 
  • HOW? WHEN? WHO?, by Fletcher Flora
  • HELL'S SIPHON, by George Harmon Coxe
  • CONFLICT OF INTEREST, by James Holding
  • THE CAMPAIGN GRIFTER, by Arthur B. Reeve
  • THE PILLS OF LETHE, by Rufus King
  • CREPE FOR SUZETTE, by C. S. Montanye
  • THE BIG JOB, by Thomas B. Dewey
  • A BURNING CLUE, by E. Hoffmann Price
  • A LESSON IN RECIPROCITY, by Fletcher Flora
  • GUN-BLAST MEMORY, by Charles Marquis Warren
  • THE SHANGHAI JESTER, by Robert Leslie Bellem
  • THE CONTAGIOUS KILLER, by Bryce Walton
  • CRIME'S CLIENT, by Guy Fleming
  • HIDE AWAY, by H.A. DeRosso
  • HELL IN A BASKET, by James Holding
  • DEATH FLIGHT, by Robert Wallace
  • THE PHANTOM AVENGER, by David M. Norman
  • THE KISS AND KILL MURDERS, by Stewart Sterling
  • THE NAMELESS MAN, by by Rodrigues Ottolengui
  • SANTA THUMBS A RIDE, by Johnston McCulley
  • GOOD NIGHT, DREAM BANDIT, by Emil Petaja 
  • THE EBONY CAT, by Rex Whitechurch