Adventures of Thubway Tham, by Johnston McCulley (epub/Kindle/pdf)


Pulp writer Johnston McCulley (1993-1938) was the author of hundreds of short stories and novels, published in pulp magazines under his own name and a plethora of pseudonyms. His most famous creation is, without a doubt, the masked swordsman Zorro, made popular by radio, movie, and television adaptations. But before Zorro hit it big, McCulley tried out dozens of different heroes and antiheroes: Black Star, the Avenging Twins, the Man in Purple, the Green Ghost, the Mongoose, Richard Hughes-Railroad Detective, the Spider, the Thunderbolt, the Crimson Clown...the list goes on and on. And it includes a good-hearted pickpocket with a lisp named "Thubway Tham," pursued by Detective Craddock of the New York Police Department.

And don't miss Tales of Thubway Tham, the companion volume!


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