Black Cat Weekly #6

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Black Cat Weekly #6 features an eclectic mix of original, classic, and rare stories and novels—science fiction, mysteries, fantasy (light and dark), and the uncategorizable. The latest issue is no exception. Here are 2 novels and 10 shorter works:

  • MR. BIG NOSE, by Martin Suto [mystery short]
  • THE PASSING OF BIG MAMA MAYHALL, by Bobbi A. Chukran [mystery short]
  • ONE HOUR, by Dashiell Hammett [mystery short]
  • IT’S A DATE, by Hal Charles [mystery short]
  • KEEBAN, by Edwin Balmer [mystery novel]
  • WISHFUL THINKING, by Barb Goffman [suspense/fantasy short]
  • MYSTERY OF THE SILVER SKULL, by Frank Lovell Nelson  [mystery short]
  • JEMIMA, by A. R. Morlan [science fiction short]
  • MAN-SIZE IN MARBLE, by E. Nesbit [fantasy short]
  • SYMPATHY FOR ZOMBIES, by John Gregory Betancourt [science fiction short]
  • HOLY CITY OF MARS, by Ralph Milne Farley [science fiction short]
  • PLANET OF DREAD, by Dwight V. Swain [science novel]