Beyond the Bourne: A Ghost Story, by John Glasby (epub/Kindle)

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A Haunting in Britain...

And now the unmistakable sound of footsteps just outside the door...

She pushed back her chair and walked hesitantly towards the door, checking her watch. It was too early for Mrs. Manley. She would not arrive for another quarter of an hour. Besides, the footsteps were light and furtive like those of a child.

Trembling a little, she flung the door open. The hallway was empty but the front door stood ajar. Stepping outside, she glanced quickly around the garden, half-expecting to see a small form scampering away down the lane. Indeed, just for an instant she did think she saw a slight movement among the bushes at the edge of the rock garden.

But she had caught it with averted vision and the instant she swung her head around to stare at it directly, it disappeared and she could not be certain there had been anyone there at all.

"Beyond the Bourne" is a classic traditional British ghost story by master fictioneer John Glasby, first published in 1990.