Darkwater, by V.J. Banis (epub/Kindle/pdf)

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In the mysterious bayou country of Louisiana, Jennifer Hale, orphaned and destitute in the wake of the Civil War, arrives at Darkwater full of hope, but the cold reception she receives alarms her. So do the screams of Alicia, the dying mistress of the plantation, who appears to be suffering from a psychosomatic illness that causes her to choke uncontrollably. Perhaps even more frightening is Jennifer's dangerous attraction to Walter Dere, her handsome employer. But her fear is forgotten when Alicia's death frees Walter to propose to Jennifer. Then Jennifer begins developing the same symptoms as Alicia. In desperation, she remembers Alicia's ravings about voodoo magic. Can she learn to protect herself from this violent curse? Or will the evil presence at Darkwater lead her to a fate worse than death itself? A first-rate romantic suspense novel.