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Check out Edward M. Lerner's great science fiction, with a FREE selection of short stories and novel excerpts.

Ed is an American science-fiction author who has been publishing professionally since 1991, coming up on his fifteenth novel and with sixty or so shorter stories to his credit. He’s also written dozens of science and technology articles. Many of those, discussing the science behind such common SF tropes as faster-than-light travel and time travel, are newly updated and expanded in Trope-ing the Light Fantastic: The Science Behind the Fiction (2018).

By training a physicist and computer engineer, Ed undertook his first novel (Probe, 1991) on a dare. Up to that point, he had worked primarily in commercial computing, but his hero was an aerospace contractor and his heroine a NASA engineer. In an instance of life getting anticipated by art, by the time Probe was released, he had moved on to an aerospace contractor. Seven years spent supporting NASA provided more than ample grist for more SF stories—but too little time to write. Ditto subsequent jobs in a computing-intensive career. Soon after selling his second novel (Moonstruck, 2005), he quit the day job to begin writing full time.

Ed is perhaps best known for the Fleet of Worlds novel series co-written with SF Grandmaster Larry Niven: four prequels to Larry’s landmark Ringworld and a fifth novel that explosively (quite literally) wraps up both the Fleet and the Ringworld series. Ed’s solo novels include his acclaimed, three-book InterstellarNet series and a wide-ranging group of both near-future technothrillers and farther-future traditional SF.