Discover a New Author: Josh Pachter

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This series of free ebooks is designed to promote authors you may not have tried before. In this case, Josh Pachter.

Josh broke into the mystery field in 1965 with "E.Q. Griffen Earns His Name." Since that time he has regularly produced mystery stories for magazines and anthologies, including the critically acclaimed "Mahboob Chaudri" series (collected by Wildside Press in paperback as "The Tree of Life: The Mahboob Chaudri Mystery Stories" and in ebook form as "The Mahboob Chaudri Mystery MEGAPACK®").

He is also well known as a translator of fiction and nonfiction from Dutch to English. His translation of Janwillem van de Wetering's "There Goes Ravelaar" (EQMM, January 1985) was nominated for the prestigious Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best Short Story of its year, and, since EQMM inaugurated its regular "Passport to Crime" feature in 2002, more than a dozen Dutch and Belgian authors have been introduced to American readers via his translations.

If you’re not already familiar with his work, here’s your chance to discover what you’ve been missing. This book contains four complete stories, one co-authored with Rebecca K. Jones (who also happens to be Josh’s daughter). So read on...and be prepared: you’re going to want to hunt down more of Josh Pachter’s work when you’re done!

Included are:

  • "The Night of Power"
  • "History on the Bedroom Wall" (written with Rebecca K. Jones)
  • "Selfie"
  • "Police Navidad"