Eight Worlds of C. M. Kornbluth, by by C. M. Kornbluth (epub/Kindle/pdf)

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C.M. Kornbluth was one of the Futurians (with such luminaries as Isaac Asimov, Frederik Pohl, Donald A. Wollheim, etc.) and produced a remarkable body of work until his untimely death at age 35. This volume collects 8 of his classic short stories — the best of his best — plus an introduction and bibliography by Bud Webster.

Included are:

  • "The Cosmic Expense Account"
  • "The Adventurer"
  • "The Altar at Midnight"
  • "The Marching Morons"
  • "The Little Black Bag"
  • "Theory of Rocketry"
  • "Make Mine Mars"
  • "Time Bum"