Murder in the Maze: A Grandfather Rastin Mystery, by Lloyd Biggle, Jr. (epub/Kindle/pdf)

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In the first place, Grandfather Rastin never should have bought that house in Wiston. It happened several years ago, when he was only about seventy-eight, but even so he was old enough to know better. He admits that himself. <P> In the second place, he should have asked his tenants for references. <P> He did buy the house, and he didn't ask for references, and that's where the trouble started... <P> Lloyd Biggle, Jr. (1923-2002) is most famous as a science-fiction writer who used genuine science while emphasizing human and cultural elements, especially art and music (he held a Ph.D. in Musicology.) His detective stories about Grandfather Bill Rastin in the fictitious Borg County, Michigan show this emphasis on the human element in a nostalgic, Norman Rockwell-esque world.

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