Take a Step to Murder, by Day Keene (epub/Kindle/pdf)

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If he proved the girl was innocent, then Renner himself would be arrested as the killer!


Only a short time ago Renner had told the harsh truth to Tamara.

"Look," he had said, "I'm forty thousand dollars short on this deal and you can help me. I know this Kelcey Anders who isn't quite normal, understand? With him girls are a disease. Here's what I want you to do: let him rough you up a little, let him try to rape you and then scream for help. I'll break in and threaten him with arrest. But that’ll never happen because his old man will pay off to keep his son out of prison. Pay off forty thousand dollars to keep you quiet."

Renner never forgot the look of disgust on Tamara's face, and as he stared down at the body of Kelcey Anders, he thought he knew who had mutilated and killed the town satyr.