The Case of the Chased and the Unchaste (Mac #7), by Thomas B. Dewey (epub/Kindle/pdf)

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Mac didn't like bodyguard jobs. But he disliked kidnappers even more. So when Julian Porter, big shot movie producer, said, "Come to Hollywood, take care of my kid," Mac left Chicago and went to Hollywood. Julie'd had a threatening letter about his daughter, Linda, age five. The note said, "We're going to grab her unless..." and then there was the usual talk of big money. So Mac set up 24-hour protection. He made it his business to find out about the people in Porter's household. He talked to the producer's young wife, who made a habit of swimming in the nude. He talked even more to Bernie Wolf, Julian's "Man Friday", who seemed to spend a great deal of time with Julian's wife Carol. And he met Julian's ex-wife, Linda's mother, who had begun to regret the divorce settlement and was hanging around Linda in a suspicious way. They all got on with Mac, but not with Julian Porter. In fact, Mac decided practically everyone around Julian had a reason to hate him and to want a piece of his talent and his money. And Linda was their biggest opportunity to cash in...

"Mac is one of our best private eyes." -- San Francisco Chronicle

"Thomas B. Dewey is one of detective fiction's severely underrated writers!" -- Bill Pronzini

"Mac has been called one of the most believable and humane PI's in crime fiction. He is reluctant to use either his gun or his fists, but will do so when the situation demands it, or in self-defense; he doesn't merely solve his clients' cases, but provides moral support and sympathy as well; and perhaps most notable of all, Mac feels, and is not afraid to show itópain, loss, sorrow, loneliness."