The Green Archer, by Edgar Wallace (epub/Kindle/pdf)

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A detective tale of unusual interest—scene laid in an ancient feudal castle, with secret passages, dungeons and torture chambers; a mysterious woman, a malevolent man, blooded hounds that prowl at night. Then there is a lovely daughter, who rents the adjoining manor, seeking a lost mother, a double-crossing valet, a sudden, moaning cry, which all combine to intensify the mystery. Garres Castle in Scotland has a traditional ghost, who prowls, clothed in green from head to toe and carrying a green bow-and-arrows.

At the opening of the story, “The Green Archer” is again active. There is a mysterious murder where the victim is left with a green arrow through the heart. Abe Bellamy, the present owner of the castle, has a nightly secret visitor, persistent and unwelcome, who comes in spite of doubt doors, locks and prowling police dogs. A thrilling, hair-raising mystery story.