The Venus Death: A Ralph Lindsay Mystery, by Ben Benson (epub/Kindle/pdf)

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Two attractive women…one personable man…a gun…a shot…and then black headlines asking red blood for…THE VENUS DEATH BY BEN BENSON

Ben Benson’s superb descriptions of the state police at work…and at play…have given all of his mystery novels a unique and buoyant quality of authenticity. The Venus Death is no exception…but here Mr. Benson departs from previous practice to create a vigorous new hero, young state trooper Ralph Lindsey.

This is Lindsey’s story from start to finish. It begins when a glamorous blonde singles him out for personal attention. It continues through the frantic horror of murder…the desperate wish to clear his own name…the urgent, driving need to protect the people he loves. The Venus Death is Ben Benson at top form, which means a strikingly different story for solid reading entertainment.

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