There Were Two Pirates, by James Branch Cabell (epub/Kindle/pdf)

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His name was José Gasparilla, and he was the self-proclaimed King of Pirates. He terrorized the waters around Florida, demanding tribute from every merchant ship he encountered. Riches flowed into his tiny island kingdom...and yet he longed for a life he could never have, for he had left his beloved Isabel behind in Spain. One day he would return to claim her for his bride, for she had vowed to wait for him.

When he captures a ship and discovers Isabel and her elderly husband aboard, he strikes a deal with the man who stole his bride. A chance to regain the lost years of his live his childhood again and pick a new path, in the Land Without Shadow...

There Were Two Pirates is a fantasy adventure in James Branch Cabell’s best style, and a terrific addition to the Wildside Fantasy Classics line.