Weirdbook #35, edited by Doug Draa (epub/Kindle/pdf)

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The 35th issue of WEIRDBOOK presents more stories in the Weird Tales tradition! Here are horror and dark fantasy stories set in this world -- and beyond. Included this time are:

  • The Pullulations of the Tribe, by Adrian Cole
  • The Dead of Night, by Christian Riley
  • Mother of My Children, by Bruce L. Priddy
  • The Man Who Murders Happiness, by John R. Fultz
  • A Handful of Dust, by Tom English
  • Revolution à l’Orange, by Paul Lubaczewsk
  • Fiends of the Southern Plains, by Patrick Tumblety
  • The Pyrrhic Crusade, by Stanley B. Webb
  • The Migration of Memories, by Charles Wilkinson
  • Maquettes, by Paul St John Mackintosh
  • In the Shadows, by J.S. Watts
  • “The Spot,” by C.R. Langille
  • Schism in the Sky, by Donald McCarthy
  • To Roam the Universe, Forgotten and Free, by Janet Harriett
  • Rejuvenate, by Lily Luchesi
  • Vigil Night, by Lorenzo Crescentini
  • Dead Clowns for Christmas, by L.J. Dopp
  • The Tale and the Teller, by Darrell Schweitzer

Plus poetry by K.A. Opperman, Frederick J. Mayer, James Matthew Byers, and Jessica Amanda Salmonson