Black Cat Weekly #4

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Black Cat Weekly #4 presents more tales of the mysterious and fantastic—4 mystery short stories (including a Derringer Award-winner), a mystery novel, 2 science fiction short stories, a fantasy story, plus a science fiction novel.

Here are:

  • THE HAMMERING MAN by Edwin Balmer and William MacHarg [mystery short] [Luther Trant series]
  • FLOORED, by Hal Charles [solve-it-yourself mystery short]
  • TWILIGHT LADIES, by Meg Opperman [mystery short] [Derringer Award Winner]
  • WEST OF QUARANTINE, by Todhunter Ballard [western/mystery novel]
  • THE BROTHERS OF THE LEFT HAND PATH, by Frank Lovell Nelson [mystery short] [Carlton Clarke series]
  • THE HERPLE IS A HAPPY BEAST, by Paul Di Filippo [science fiction short]
  • THE POWER OF WAKING, by Nina Kiriki Hoffman [fantasy short]
  • THE KEEPERS OF THE HOUSE, by Lester del Rey [science fiction short]
  • ANDROMEDA GUN, by John Boyd [science fiction novel]