I Want Out, by Tedd Thomey (epub/Kindle/pdf)

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Lew Pool was in the bail bonding business for his health as well as for the buck. Lew had picked up a bad case of claustrophobia in the Korean War. And the only way he could get rid of his psycho-bug was to get his hands on a shady two-timer named Kreena.

Working near the jail, Lew figured that sooner or later he’d get a line on the whereabouts of the treacherous skunk who had the kind of talent for dirty work as kept the boys in blue busy.

And the day that a big purple car pulled up in front of his office and unloaded a bomb, Lew knew that Kreena was wise to him. The only question now was whether Lew could get his hands on that murderous devil before Kreena gave him a permanent mental cure—with a bullet.