Kill Me a Husband, by Tedd Thomey (epub/Kindle/pdf)

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It galled luscious, golden-haired Alma Chrysler to be tied to a husband as stodgy and unexciting as Norman. She didn't think a man should spend his evenings tinkering with a car.

Variety was the spice of love, Almla believed, and proved her theory with Scotty, Jim, Bob, and others she could hardly remember.

Now it was Ward Green and he was the best of the lot -- a slave to her passion for her -- but could she maneuver him into going along with her plan for the permanent removal of her husband?

Only time and her exquisitely formed body would decide whether she could manipulated Ward's hunger for her, giving and then withholding, sating and then starving, until he was ready to obey her slightest command...

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