In a Vanishing Room, by Robert Colby (epub/Kindle/pdf)

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Paul Norris, an out-of-work advertising executive, finds himself on a cross-country job tracking down a shipping crate. The crate holds something valuable -- but exactly what, exactly, no one will say. In the process of finding the crate, Paul finds himself caught between shady characters, beautiful women...and more than a few double-crosses!

"Bob Colby was more than just a 'one-hit wonder.' He wrote several other respected novels in the 1950s and '60s, including The Deadly Desire and The Secret of the Second Door (both Gold Medal, 1959) and dozens of short stories for Alfred Hitchcock and Mike Shayne... Do me a favor: hunt down one of his novels and give it a try." -- Peter Enfantino

"He had a journalist's eye for his times. This was especially true in the novels he set in Hollywood. [The Captain Must Die] is his masterpiece. You will not be disappointed." -- Ed Gorman