The Fourth Western Novel MEGAPACK®

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Yes, it's another another great selection of four great western-themed books from Wildside Press! Here are:

THE TONTO KID, by H. H. Knibbs ... “Few Western novels present such a powerful and ruthless character as young Pete in The Tonto Kid. Like Billy the Kid, Pete started his violent career at an early age; by thirteen he was famous as a “killer.” His vivid life is a classic in Western fiction, written by a man who knows the drama of a colorful American era.”

BLOODY KANSAS, by Chuck Martin ... Would Marshall Sutton’s lightning gun be fast enough to clean up Dodge City?

COMANCHE VENGEANCE, by Richard Jessup ... He followed her on her trail for bengeance, a guardian angel with a fast gun...

TEXAS HELLION, by J.H. Plenn ... The true story of the deadliest man-killer in the lusty, trigger-happy days of the Old West!