The Sixth Western Novel MEGAPACK ®: 4 Novels of the Old West (Epub/Kindle/pdf)

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Saddle the horses and round up the posse—iit’s time for another ride through the Old West with four more great western novels! Here are:

  • Sudden Bill Dorn, by Jackson Gregory... They were made for fighting and loving: Bill Dorn, hard-bitten cowman facing the loss of his ranch to a friend turned outlaw, and Lorna Kent, a strager in Nacional, wanted for murder yet claiming to be the heiress to a deserted ranch...
  • Border Ambush, by Walker A. Tompkins... Seeking to avenge a murder and destroy an outlaw empire, Doug Redding scoured the wastelands in search of a hidden canyon where a norious rustler holed up between raids!
  • Killers Two (aka "Keep Off My Ranch"), by Allan K. Echols... A lone rancher pits his guts against the fast guns of two rustlers!
  • Bullet Range, by Will Cook... "A tough, gutsy tale of a range that lived by the gun. Top flight!" -- Real Magazine