Reclining Figure, by Marco Page (epub/Kindle/pdf)

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Lucas Edgerton, arbitrary and capricious eccentric, has a fabulous art collection. He began collecting when Cézannes were a dime a dozen. To sell some paintings for tax purposes, he has imported Ellis Blaise, young New York art dealer. Thefts from the collection, the sensational forgery of a priceless Renoir, and the puzzling murder of Simon Edgerton—Lucas’ son—force Blaise into a perilous investigation involving:

Miriam Wayne, curator of Edgerton’s collection—shrewd, handsome, with shadowy connections to the murdered man and others.

Cass Edgerton, Lucas’ niece—for whose sake Blaise comes on.

Paul Weldon, young painter—with more money than he can account for. Molly Dann, lusty model—Simon Edgerton’s ex-mistress.

Victor Grandi—mysterious technician of the collection.

Dr. Wesley Corum—critic and adviser to rich collectors.

Jonas Astorg—an important art dealer.

Hugh Norden—fly-by-night peddler of inconsequential art and occasional erotica.

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