The B.M. Bower MEGAPACK® (ePub/Kindle/pdf)

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This volume assembles no less than 42 of the classic Old West novels and short stories of B.M. Bower. Included are many tales of the Flying U Ranch, as well as stories set in California, Montana, and many other western locales. Hours of great western reading await!

Included are:

Flying U Ranch
Chip, of the Flying U
The Flying-U's Last Stand
Miss Martin's Mission
Happy Jack, Wild Man.
A Tamer of Wild Ones.
Andy, the Liar
Wolf! Wolf!"
Fool's Gold.
Lords of the Pots and Pans
First Aid To Cupid
The Lamb
The Reveler
The Spirit of the Range
The Unheavenly Twins
When the Cook Fell Ill
Good Indian
The Heritage of the Sioux
The Phantom Herd
Her Prairie Knight
Cabin Fever
Casey Ryan
The Gringos
Ananias Green
The Long Shadow
The Lookout Man
Lonesome Land
The Lure of the Dim Trails
The Quirt
The Ranch at the Wolverine
The Range Dwellers
Rim O' the World
Sawtooth Ranch
The Trail of the White Mule
The Uphill Climb
Jean of the Lazy A
Rowdy of the "Cross L"
The Thunder Bird
Starr, of the Desert