The Captain Must Die, by Robert Colby (epub/Kindle/pdf)

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"If you want a feel for the real Fifties in the form of a grim caper novel, this is your book. It's tight, deftly plotted and one of those hardboiled novels that is genuinely tough without showing off." -- Ed Gorman

Greg Driscoll, a wealthy and respected businessman, has two cars, an upscale suburban home, a ten-year-old son off at summer camp, and a beautiful wife. And three ex-G.I.s recently released from Leavenworth want him dead.

Driscoll has been stockpiling cash in a vault in his basement. The G.I.s plan to take that money and make Driscoll suffer for what he’s done to them, break him down through harassment and terror…and then end his life.

Step by step, their careful plans begin to wear Driscoll down. And they may even succeed in their plan -- they can trust each other long enough to pull it off…

A taut noir crime-thriller by the author of The Star Trap and In a Vanishing Room.