The Fantastic MEGAPACK® Bundle

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If you've been eyeing our MEGAPACK™ series with great interest, now is your chance to pick up all the science fiction/fantasy/horror volumes for one low price! Included are:
Science Fiction MEGAPACKS™ 1-6
Ghost Story MEGAPACKS™ 1 & 2
The Cthulhu Mythos MEGAPACK™
The Horror MEGAPACK™
The Macabre MEGAPACK™
The Martian MEGAPACK™
The Pulp Fiction MEGAPACK™
The Steampunk MEGAPACK™
The Vampire MEGAPACK™
The Werewolf MEGAPACK™
The E.F. Benson MEGAPACK™
The Wizard of Oz MEGAPACK™
The Andre Norton MEGAPACK™
The Randall Garrett MEGAPACK™
The Wilkie Collins MEGAPACK™
NOTE: Downloads are large .zip files.
Epub Bundle: 19.2 megabytes
Kindle Bundle: 23 megabytes
More than 10,000 pages of fiction!

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