The Vampire MEGAPACK® (ePub/Kindle)

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The Vampire MEGAPACK™ collection 27 tales of vampires! Authors represented included Bram Stoker, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Darrell Schweitzer, Lawrence Watt-Evans, and many more. The complete contents are:

ʺMrs. Amworth,ʺ by E. F. Benson
ʺLost Epiphany,ʺ by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
ʺWeeping Willow,ʺ by T. A. Bradley
ʺThe Greater Thirst,ʺ by Marilyn “Mattie” Brahen
ʺClarimonde,ʺ by Theophile Gautier
ʺWaiting for the Hunger,” by Nina Kiriki Hoffman
ʺKvetchula,ʺ by Darrell Schweitzer
ʺA Vampire,ʺ by Luigi Capuana
ʺOmega,ʺ by Jason Andrew
ʺAccommodation,ʺ by Michael R. Collings
ʺThe Art of the Smile,ʺ by John Gregory Betancourt
ʺRenfield’s Syndrome,ʺ by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
ʺThe Pimp,ʺ by Lawrence Watt-Evans
ʺRunaway,ʺ by Darrell Schweitzer
ʺSympathy for Vampires,ʺ by John Gregory Betancourt
ʺThe Secret of Kralitz,ʺ by Henry Kuttner
ʺThe Fourth Horseman,ʺ by Peter Darbyshire
ʺCravat of the Damned,ʺ by Zach Bartlett
ʺHelp Wanted,ʺ by Michael McCarty and Terrie Leigh Relf
ʺSiren Song,ʺ by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
ʺAn Authenticated Vampire Story,ʺ by Franz Hartmann
ʺDracula’s New Dress,ʺ by Ray Cluley
ʺDracula’s Guest,ʺ by Bram Stoker
ʺThe Bats,ʺ by David Anderson
ʺThe Room in the Tower,ʺ by E. F. Benson

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