The Third Cat Story MEGAPACK®: Frisky Feline Tales, Old and New (ePub/Kindle)

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Our third offering of kitty delights and delectables features 25 cat stories, 2 nonfiction compilations of cat anecdotes, and 9 poems--but the emphasis overall is decidedly more modern than in our previous cat MEGAPACKS™. Heading the list this time are: Mary A. Turzillo, who contributes 8 tales and poems; A. R. Morlan, author of 6 stories; Michael Hemmingson, who's penned 3 moving poems; Damien Broderick, writer of 2 otherworldly cat tales; Kathryn Ptacek, contributor of 2 fantasies; Douglas Menville, who provides a couple of kitty poems; and pieces by Darrell Schweitzer, David C. Smith, and Marilyn "Mattie" Brahen--not to mention Lewis Carroll, Mark Twain, Bram Stoker, and Mary E. Wilkins Freeman. So, settle back in your chair, your couch, and your bed, cat-lovers everywhere, and enjoy this new anthology of frisky feline tales!

"The Cheshire-Cat," by Lewis Carroll
"All in the Golden Afternoon," by Marilyn "Mattie" Brahen
"Fat Cat," by Robert Reginald
"Alex," by Mary A. Turzillo
"The Cat-Tracker Lady of Asad Alley," by A. R. Morlan
"A Limp Dead Cat in My Arms," by Michael Hemmingson
"The Ruined Queen of Harvest World," by Damien Broderick
"Stories of Cat Sagacity," by W. H. G. Kingston
"Mau," by Douglas Menville
"Cat in the Box," by A. R. Morlan
"Purple," by Mary A. Turzillo
"Ebenezer Wheezer (c1972-1990)," by Douglas Menville
"Concerning the 'Pretty Lady'," by Helen M. Winslow
"The Boys," by Kathryn Ptacek
"Reverence for Cats," by Mark Twain
"'...And Mongo Was His Name-O'," by A. R. Morlan
"Tommy's Cat," by David C. Smith
"Tatiana," by Mary A. Turzillo
"Lin Jee," by Mary A. Turzillo
"The Squaw," by Bram Stoker
"How the Former Pets Survive or Die," by Michael Hemmingson
"Cat Burglar," by Kathryn Ptacek
"Puss in Boots: Two Versions," by Charles Perrault and Dinah Maria Mulock
"No Heaven Will Not Ever Heaven Be...," by A. R. Morlan
"The Queen's Cat," by Peggy Bacon
"Chocolate Kittens from Mars," by Mary A. Turzillo
"Cats Can Colonize Mars," by Mary A. Turzillo
"Cat Anecdotes," edited by Adam White
"The Adventure of the Hanoverian Vampires," by Darrell Schweitzer
"The Beancounter's Cat," by Damien Broderick
"A Little Pinch Is All You Need," by A. R. Morlan
"They Always Die," by Michael Hemmingson
"Scout," by Mary A. Turzillo
"The Cat," by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
"The Hunter's Mothers," by Mary A. Turzillo
"Hunger," by A. R. Morlan
"Ryah's Guest," by Robert Reginald.